Texas progressives: Pledge to vote in the May 4th elections!

Every vote matters, even in local school board and city council elections! Don’t let a conservative sneak into office because you didn’t vote!

We have the power to shape the future of Texas by showing up to vote in local elections. If 2018 showed us anything, its that when progressives show up at the ballot box, we win. 

We want change at every level of government in Texas, and we are close to making that a reality. Texas is the fastest growing state in the nation and progressives are the fastest growing voting bloc in the state, but we can only get the future we want by showing up to vote. Early voting starts April 23rd and runs through April 30th before election day on May 4th.

Every vote matters, especially in local elections that will be decided by a handful of folks in every community. With school boards, city councils, bonds and more on the ballot, are you ready to vote? These elections are critical for determining the future of our communities, and your voice is needed. 

Are you gonna show up and be a progressive voter? Sign your name now and commit to vote for the May 4th election. 


Need more info to be election day ready? Check out GoVoteTexas.org or the Texas Secretary of States Office

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