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Tell Texas lawmakers that corporate lobbyists have no place governing the lives of Texans.

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The American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, is convening in Austin from Aug. 14-16 at the JW Marriott for their 46th annual meeting.

ALEC’s special corporate interests are making their way to Texas ahead of the 2020 elections to influence lawmakers on for-profit immigration prisons, disastrous environmental and climate policies, for-profit gun legislation, laws that scale back worker protections, and a realm of dangerous policies that impact our democracy.

Far-right special interests are working with ALEC against the needs of Texans. We will not tolerate this shady business with ALEC.

Our elected representatives should represent the people of Texas and pass policies that improve the quality of our lives. ALEC makes that vision impossible. That’s why we’re fighting to take back OUR Texas. 

Join us at our Unwelcome Reception for ALEC in Austin and sign our petition today to tell Texas lawmakers that we will not tolerate ALEC’s influence in our state. 


ALEC is a corporate “bill mill” that drafts bill templates on their corporate donors' behalf and shops them around to state legislatures across the country. Republicans, and even some Democrats, are on board with this and copy ALEC's model legislation.

They are a powerful, unethical institution that is borderline illegal. They are a secretive lobby for corporate interests to bypass the will of the people.

ALEC is responsible for producing bills such as “Stand Your Ground” gun legislation, voter suppression laws, and a bill that aimed to strip licenses from any health insurer that does business via the Affordable Care Act’s federal health care exchange.

Progress Texas, Texas AFT, AFSCME Local 1624, AFL-CIO Austin, Indivisible Austin, Sierra Club, Extinction Rebellion Austin, United We Dream, Common Cause, the Texas State Teachers Association, Education Austin, and Public Citizen will be protesting their conference in an effort to keep ALEC out of our laws and take back our state.

Every day, ALEC, the corporations that fund it, and the legislators who pass their bills are taking power away from Texans and limiting our ability to create a government that represents the people.

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Sign our petition to take power away from corporate interests and put it back into the hands of Texans.

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