Instead of fighting culture wars, Abbott should focus on defeating COVID-19

Governor Abbott, the children of Texas have a message for you: “Masks work!”

Across the state, children, parents, and activists are protesting Abbott’s mask mandate ban. By sticking to his guns, all Abbott is doing is putting vulnerable Texans - including our children - in danger.

The Delta variant is rampaging across the state and pediatric ICU hospitals are filling up. Abbott needs to get out of the way and allow local leaders to follow the science and do what is necessary to protect our children. This should not be controversial!

Sign our demand letter and let Abbott know that he should put our children first.


On August 16, children, parents, and activists came together in front of Governor Abbott’s mansion to protest his ban on mask mandates.

They had a simple message: “Masks work!

They demanded that Abbott lift his dangerous mask mandate ban so that local leaders do what they must to protect Texans, especially unvaccinated children.

Here are the facts:

Hospitalizations are up - The Delta variant is a different virus than what we faced in 2020. It is more infectious, meaning it spreads more easily from person to person. As a result, hospitals across Texas are already filling up and Intensive Care Units (ICU) are nearing capacity.

Pediatric Intensive Care Units (PICU) are filling up - The majority of children in the United States are still unvaccinated and many are susceptible to the Delta variant. Across the state, pediatricians are sounding the alarm that they are out of PICU beds to take care of critically sick children. We need to flatten the pediatric curve so that PICU beds open up for children facing other ailments.

Kids can transmit COVID - While COVID variants do not impact children the same way it does adults, children can be a source of transmission in communities - especially young children. Mask mandates are an essential tool to make sure that we can flatten the curve for all Texans and prevent COVID from mutating even further.

Sign our petition and send a demand letter to Gov. Abbott to stop playing politics with our children’s lives and instead focus on defeating COVID-19.

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