Take Action: Gov. Abbott must institute 100% vote by mail access for the November election

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The right to vote is critical and as the coronavirus pandemic spreads across our state, millions of Texans may be prevented from voting or have their health put at risk during the November 2020 election. 

The solution? 100% of Texans should have access to no-excuse vote by mail.

Texans young and old can be affected by the coronavirus. Currently, only Texans who are 65 or older, sick or disabled, or living outside their county of residence have the option to vote by mail. This option must be made available for all Texans. We already have the infrastructure to make it happen! 

Sign our petition to send a message: Abbott should institute 100%, no-excuse vote by mail.


Coronavirus primarily spreads person-to-person via close contact and respiratory droplets from sneezing or coughing. People can spread the virus before symptoms begin showing.

Currently, Texas is one of only nine states that doesn’t allow 100%, no-excuse vote by mail, and one of only seven that restricts access based on age. While multiple cases on vote by mail have made their way through the courts, Texans need clear direction and safeguards put in place for the November election. 

The county clerks that count in-person ballots will also count mail-in ballots. Fears of undercounting are unfounded. 

In fact, most data shows that vote by mail increases voter turnout and research.

Sign our petition if you believe Gov. Abbott should protect Texans by instituting 100%, no-excuse vote by mail in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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