Anti-abortion politicians are attacking our rights, while Texans suffer from COVID-19 and the winter storm. 

Each petition signature generates a message to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, your state senator, and representative demanding they protect abortion rights this legislative session.  

While Texans reel from compounding crises like the COVID-19 pandemic and winter storm, our communities are facing another life threatening issue. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and other anti-abortion legislators are threatening Texans’ healthcare access with their attempts to ban abortion in our state.

For decades, extremist anti-abortion politicians have created medically unnecessary barriers to abortion care and ignored the health needs of Texans. While conservatives pat themselves on the back for pushing through legislation aimed at controlling our bodies, people of color, low-income Texans, and immigrants pay the price. 

No one should face fear, stigma, or unnecessary barriers when seeking out reproductive healthcare and deciding on how to plan their families, and political agendas should never control a person’s ability to receive medical care.

Sign this petition to demand Dan Patrick and other state lawmakers stop placing their extreme anti-abortion agendas before community health. Texans deserve better.


A recent survey conducted by Public Policy Polling from March 5-6, 2021 found that:

- At 79%, an overwhelming majority of Texans say they were impacted by the winter storm while only 18% say they were not. 

- Given a list of nine choices, at 32%, a plurality of respondents say that responding to the coronavirus should be the state legislature’s top priority this session. 

- At 52%, a majority of respondents say they support some form of abortion rights.

In addition, an earlier poll from February 2021 conducted by the University of Texas/Texas Tribune also listed “COVID/coronavirus” as the top priority for most Texans.

More than 47,000 Texans have died from COVID-19. Texans have made it clear what the focus of this session should be. Our lawmakers just need to listen.

It’s time legislators stop wasting valuable time and resources on anti-abortion legislation and focus their energy on policies that will actually help Texans.

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