Stop the Texas GOP from outlawing 2020 voting innovations


Each petition signature will generate a message to your state senator and representative demanding they protect the right to vote and that attacks on voting rights must end.


Republican-backed voter suppression bills prohibit the 2020 reforms in Harris County and elsewhere that made it easier to vote. The proposals are also contained in “omnibus,” catch-all bills, HB 6 in the Texas House of Representatives and SB 7 in the Texas Senate.

The Houston Chronicle noted that Gov. Abbott’s attempted voter purge in 2019 “threatened to knock nearly 60,000 legal voters off of election rolls.”

Outraged at the GOP’s attack on democracy, editorial writers at the Houston Chronicle said, Remember the phrase “Stop the Steal?” We call on every honest Texan who truly wants free and fair elections in this state to reappropriate those lying words for good. Demand that your representatives in the Texas House and Senate stop this senseless, discriminatory and un-democratic legislation. Demand that they Stop the Steal of election rights in Texas.”

State lawmakers must end this threat to our democracy and halt the return to the segregationist Jim Crow era. Sign this petition and send a demand letter to your state reps and senators now. Remind them that our voting rights are sacred.

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