Millions of Texans lost power during this crisis. Texas needs to remove the barrier to testify.

Each petition signature will generate a message to your state senator and representative calling on them to allow for virtual testimony at the upcoming power outage hearings.


The joint session of the House State Affairs and Energy Resources committees will take place on Thursday, Feb. 25 at 9 a.m. Lawmakers are expected to hear testimony from officials with ERCOT, the Railroad Commission, and the Public Utility Commission.

While ERCOT has understandably received much of the blame for the energy crisis over the past week, the organization is regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and by the Texas Legislature. The Public Utility Commission is a three-member panel appointed by Gov. Greg Abbott, which means that he and other Republican lawmakers who’ve made disastrous policy decisions during their decades of control over our state are just as responsible for this crisis. Abbott’s biggest political donors also come from the oil and gas industry, which factors into his policy decisions and helped lead to this crisis. 

Currently, the committees overseeing the hearings are allowing public comments from Texans, but that’s not good enough. Republicans in the Legislature are likely to use ERCOT as a scapegoat during these hearings instead of taking responsibility for the role they played and key policy decisions that contributed to this crisis. That is why it is imperative that legislators give Texans the option to testify safely and hold ALL parties accountable.

Sign this petition and send a message to your state reps and senators calling on a virtual testimony option for the upcoming hearings. 

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