Texans are struggling because of this health crisis. We need help NOW!

Each petition signature will generate a message to your state senator and representative reminding them COVID-19 is real and Texans need relief 


Every step of the pandemic response has been plagued by failures at the state level that can be traced back to Gov. COVID (aka Greg Abbott).

He waited too long to issue a stay at home order and refused to even call it a stay at home order. He prevented local officials from doing their jobs and issuing mandates that could have saved lives. Texas consistently ranked among the bottom in testing and inflated the numbers by including antibody tests. Abbott reopened the state too soon knowing that it would lead to an increased spread and more deaths. He then blamed young people when cases started to go up. Our state continues to break hospitalization records and more than 30,000 Texans have died from COVID. And now, it turns out that Abbott was not prepared for the vaccine rollout like he should have been.

State lawmakers in the Texas Legislature must step in to provide the relief that Texans desperately need. From Medicaid expansion and eviction moratoriums to an improved vaccine rollout and unemployment system, it’s the job of our representatives in the Capitol to fight for the needs of their constituents. Right now, Texans are struggling, and our lawmakers have the power to do more to help. 

Sign this petition and send a message to your state reps and senators reminding them that COVID-19 is still impacting our state, and they need to do more to help. 

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