Texas lawmakers took bold action to defend democracy. Let them know Texans have their back.

Each petition signature will generate a message to the Texas House Democratic Caucus and pro-voter legislators thanking them for defending democracy and telling them to stay the course.

For the second time this year, Texas Democrats broke quorum in the Texas Legislature to protect our right to vote. 

It’s a historic moment that highlights the urgent need to defend democracy, as radical, far-right conservatives continue pushing Jim Crow-style voter suppression measures to restrict access to the ballot box and hold onto power. 

By leaving the state, pro-voter lawmakers didn’t just stop Gov. Greg Abbott's anti-voter legislation. They also stopped dangerous proposals to ban medication abortion, attack trans kids, curtail Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion education, and force Texans into the cash bail system.

The stakes could not be higher. Democracy is on the line, and Texas Democrats are boldly doing what’s needed to stop voter suppression and other attacks on our rights. These lawmakers left their families, their homes, and even put themselves at risk of getting arrested because they recognize the importance of this moment. 

While Texas Dems continue the fight in DC, join us in sending them support from back home. Sign this petition to let them know Texans have their back and are cheering them on.


Gov. Greg Abbott refused to call a special session on the energy grid, the COVID pandemic, or to address gun violence, but he called one for voter suppression, attacks on trans kids, and abortion restrictions. Abbott also unconstitutionally stripped the Legislature’s funding to coerce lawmakers into advancing his harmful agenda. 

Hundreds of Texans came to the Capitol to testify against Abbott’s anti-voter bills, but when conservative legislators refused to listen or negotiate with their Democratic colleagues, they left no other choice. Texas Democrats left the state to prevent a quorum and halt movement on Abbott’s voter suppression legislation and the rest of his toxic priorities.  

As elected officials, Texas legislators have a sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and fight for Texans. The decision to leave the state was not made lightly. These pro-voter lawmakers are doing their job by fighting against Abbott’s cruel agenda and refusing to become hostages in his crusade for power. 

As these voting rights champions continue their work in DC, it’s important to keep in mind that this fight isn’t limited to Texas - voter suppression bills have been moving through state legislatures across the country. According to the Brennan Center, 17 states have passed restrictive voting laws this year including Arizona, Florida and Georgia.

Voter suppression isn’t just a Texas issue — it’s a national issue, and we need Congressional action to stop it for good. Sign our petition to thank Texas Democrats and encourage them to keep pushing for action at the federal level to protect voting rights. 

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